Vision and future direction

Vision and future direction

In the process of sustainable development, Unimicron takes the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as its long-term strategy for sustainable development and strives to integrate the 17 SDGs into its operational activities. It responds to the core concepts of the SDGs throughout the entire overall value chain, i.e., product design and development, raw material procurement, manufacturing, and sales. In order to further strengthen the spirit of corporate sustainability, we have formulated a Corporate Social Responsibility Policy with “Planet, People, and Performance” as the three cores, along with seven commitments. We create positive value for employees, shareholders and all stakeholders, and gradually implement the corporate vision of a world-class, high-tech company with high added value, high quality, high productivity and an emphasis on innovative service. We also pursue customer, employee, and shareholder satisfaction, and fulfill our social responsibility, thereby ensuring our sustainable growth.

Short, medium and long term goals

In order to ensure the Operating of the Company, we actively and appropriately identify materiality issues by planning short, medium and long-term goals that are linked to the operational core values. We work hard to create innovation breakthroughs, expand business opportunities and enhance the sustainable development value of the Company.


Issue Importance of operations Long-term goals (2021) 2018 Target 2018 Achievement Status 2019 Target
Technology and R&D Maintain close cooperation with 1st tier materials and equipment suppliers, and work closely with domestic and overseas research institutes and academia. We also work with the best industry peers to develop products that meet market trends and customer demands. Through effective R&D resources and great customer interactions, we win the satisfaction and trust of our customers, and ensure our products’ leading position in the world. KPI 1: ETS fine line development: L/S=5/5um L/S=8/10 Achieved L/S=6/8
KPI 2:Fine bump pitch development: 80um bump pitch 110 Achieved 90
KPI 3:Extreme Body Size development: >100mm*100mm 67.5*67.5 Achieved 77.5*77.5
KPI 4:2.1D development: L/S=2/2um NA Achieved Process frozen
Technology and R&D Actively develop the technology needed to build high-frequency and high-speed products. Dominate the 5G niche market with excellent signal transmission, good heat dissipation, and highly reliable technology platforms. KPI 1: 5G related technology to implement mass production ratio of 100% 0.2 Achieved 0.75
Supplier sustainability management Commit to the Company’s Operatings, comply with laws and customer specifications, implement supplier management, and reduce supply risks so that suppliers can comply with the principles of Operatings. KPI 1: Host supplier sustainability promotion conferences Once a year Achieved Once a year
KPI 2: CSR Sustainability Award 2 suppliers Achieved 2 suppliers
KPI 3: Number of audited suppliers 12 suppliers Achieved 12 suppliers
KPI 4: Continue advocating related changes in raw material HSF 100% Achieved 100%
KPI 5: Comply with RMAP certifications 100% Achieved 100%
Product quality quality Provide excellent quality, reasonable prices, and competitive delivery service to satisfy customers. KPI 1: Number of returned goods due to inconformity with HSF: 0 cases 0 cases Achieved 0 cases
KPI 2: Overall customer satisfaction P:4.46points P: Unachieved
C: Achieved
P: 4.7 points
C: 3 points
Customer relationship management Establish good relationships with customers through regular visits and satisfaction surveys to keep tabs on customer needs and market trends, comply with customer specifications, and adjust the Company’s business strategy and development direction. KPI 1: Number of critical deficiencies in CSR/RBA audit: 0 cases P: 0 cases
C: 0 cases
Achieved P: 0 cases
C: 0 cases
KPI 2: Number of Customer Privacy Violations: 0 cases P: 0 cases
C: 0 cases
Achieved P: 0 cases
C: 0 cases
Professional ethics As a result of the CSR audit, the SOP for overseas risk management and ethics are complicated, so legal / finance units will develop basic guidelines to unify the ethical and risk policy of the Company. KPI 1: Submit a draft of the Framework to the CSR team N/A N/A 100%
KPI 2: A copy of Risk Management and Ethics Guidelines of Unimicron Technology N/A N/A 100%
KPI 3: Announce the Framework to overseas plants after it has passed the review of the CSR team N/A N/A 100%
KPI 4: Adjust the principles in accordance with feedbacks from each plant N/A N/A 100%


Issue Importance of operations Long-term goals (2021) 2018 Target 2018 Achievement Status 2019 Target
Greenhouse gas management Reduce carbon emissions from production by improving the efficiency of energy and resource usage to reduce operational risks. KPI 1: Maintain the intensity of GHG emissions per unit of revenue below 12 12.00 Surpassed 12.00
Waste management Reduce raw material consumption and environment discharge by improving waste reuse rate and the efficiency of wastewater treatment to reduce operating costs and impacts on the environment. KPI 1: Maintain waste reuse rate above 90% 90% Surpassed 90%
KPI 2: The total intensity of copper ion in discharged wastewater per unit of revenue is below 0.15 0.18 Unachieved 0.15
Green products Through green procurement and manufacturing, products of the Company comply with non- hazardous substance regulations and customer specifications as well as stakeholders’ expectations to strengthen environmental protection and reduce operational risks. KPI 1: Customer HSF Quality Satisfaction Level 4.25 Surpassed 4.3
KPI 2: Real time update completion rate of regulations 100% Achieved 100%
KPI 3: Incoming and finished products XRF inspection pass rate 100% Achieved 100%
KPI 4: Supplier HSF quality audit passing rate 100% Achieved 100%
Air pollution control Reduce the emission of air pollutants by improving the efficiency of air pollution prevention and treatment to reduce the environmental impact caused by operations. KPI 1: The total intensity of air pollution per unit of revenue is below 1.0 1.10 Achieved 1.00
Water resources management Improve efficiency of water usage and water recovery through production process and equipment improvement to reduce water cost. KPI 1: Maintain the intensity of water resource consumption per unit of revenue below 310 320.00 Surpassed 315.00
Energy and resource management Enhance equipment and production capacity cycle efficiency, improve the efficiency of energy and resource usage, and reduce cost consumption through the use of project management mechanisms and data analysis. KPI 1: Maintain the intensity of electricity consumption per unit of revenue below 18 18.40 Surpassed 18.20


Issue Importance of operations Long-term goals (2021) 2018 Target 2018 Achievement Status 2019 Target
Occupational safety and health Through the operation and consistent improvement measures of the occupational safety and health management system, the Company’s occupational safety and health performance is improved, avoiding major accidents that may affect shipping and cause losses to the Company. KPI 1: Receiving industrial safety and health related awards: 5 awards 3 awards Achieved 4 awards
KPI 2: Implementing the prevention and reduction of the three industrial disasters: 0 major disasters 0 cases Achieved 0 cases
KPI 3: Controlling FSI (Disabling Injury Index) 0.1 Achieved 0.1 or lower
Index: Less than 50% of the three-year average of printed circuit board FSI 100% Achieved 100%
diversity and equal opportunity Provide a comprehensive training system and career development direction, and attract and retain top talents, so as to expand and maintain the productivity and competitiveness of the Company. KPI 1: The achievement rate for HR maturity of each plant is 82% 78% Achieved 80.3%
KPI 2: Course planning completion rate (execution rate and level of satisfaction) is 88% N/A N/A Accumulated number of classes held: 10 classes Level of satisfaction: 85%
number of classes held: 10 classes
Talent attraction and retention Talent is the key to Company success in the global market. Innovative products, technologies and services can only be realized by brilliant talent. KPI 1: DL/IDL Number of attendees: 4,500 people DL 3,000 people Achieved 95%
KPI 2:Excellent engineers retention rate: 90% 89% Achieved 89.5%
Training and education We set our labor policies in accordance with local labor regulations and international standards and regulations, as to collaborate with our global customers and construct an equal, secure, and stable employment and development environment. KPI 1: Completion rate of human rights promotion training: 98% 90% Achieved 95%
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